The Green Hills Saga
Where are you, oh green hills?
March, 2021 was the month of the (perhaps first) Maximite One Page Programming challenge. The essential rule was, create the most amazing program possible using just a single built-in editor page of source text. Loosely modeled after the long running BASIC 10-Liner Competition, a full editor page was chosen to enable the creation of really polished programs.

I quickly whipped up as close a clone as possible of the classic Space Invaders, which fit comfortably within the size limit of 48 lines of 100 characters in the CMM2 editor. For silliness, I chose the name "In Defence of the Green Hills of Earth". I decided to keep going and created a Missile Command clone, titled "In Renewed Defence of the Green Hills". But why stop there? For my pièce de résistance, I was able to compress an eight level 3-D maze program into a single page. "Escape to the Green Hills" was my actual contest entry and was worth third place! Awesome!
The Green Hills Trilogy